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  • New British Classics
  • Keeping It Simple
  • Cookery Year: Spring Into Summer
  • Time to Eat
  • More Rhodes Around Britain
  • Gary Rhodes Food with Friends
  • Gary Rhodes at the Table
  • The Cookery Year
  • Open Rhodes Around Britain
  • Short-cut Rhodes
  • Great Fast Food
  • The Complete Rhodes Around Britain
  • New Classics

new-british classics The indomitable Gary Rhodes is back with his most ambitious collection of recipes yet. Famed for his mouth-watering variations on traditional British favourites, Gary sets out on a quest to modernise and enhance many classic dishes, updating them for the new millennium with a host of new and exciting ideas. Recipes will include dazzling new versions of such favourites as Steak and Kidney Pie, Prawn Cocktail and Cauliflower Cheese, as well as new dishes which take their inspiration from the best traditions of British food, such as Roast Parsnip Soup glazed with Parmesan and Chive Cream, Seared Cured Salmon Cutlets with Leeks, Bacon and a Cider Vinegar Dressing and Chicken Fillet Steaks with Chestnut Mushrooms, Sage and Lemon Sauce. As ever, Gary lives up to his reputation for creating delectable cakes and desserts with sensational ideas such as Chocolate Treacle Sandwich, Cranberry and Walnut Tart and Iced Vanilla Parfait with Nutmeg Clotted Cream and Caramelised Apples. In a series of special features spread through the book, Gary looks at the social and culinary traditions that have shaped British food. Features include such institutions as: The Great British Breakfast, Afternoon Tea and Christmas.


Despite his reputation for intricate and impressive restaurant cooking, Gary Rhodes believes that the best way to cook something is often the most simple. In his latest book, he strips out complicated techniques and fiddly instructions, in search of the very easiest way to get maximum flavour out of familiar ingredients from chicken to squid and beetroot to rhubarb. In over 200 simple recipes, he demonstrates the fundamentals of cooking and explains how to get stunning results by doing as little as possible. But this is not just a brilliant cookbook for beginners and an essential bible for busy people, it is also a tribute to simplicity and flavour and an invaluable book of simply delicious ideas for cooks of every level

"More than 120 original recipes using the finest seasonal ingredients
In this book, Gary Rhodes offers you a host of fresh ways to include in your everyday cooking the wonderful range of vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish at their prime during the spring and summer months. All of these recipes are simple to prepare, relying on flavour rather than complicated techniques to capture the best that the spring and summer seasons have to offer. In "Spring into Summer, Gary Rhodes has created both a reference tool and source of inspiration for novice and experienced cooks alike.

Do you ever find yourself still chopping vegetables when your dinner guests arrive? Do you sometimes get home hungry for something delicious and home-made but without the time or inclination to slave away at the cooker for an hour? Do you occasionally want to spend some time lovingly preparing and cooking something spectacular at the weekend?Time to Eat is full of delicious, simple food arranged into chapters according to the time it takes to cook the dishes, from ten minutes to two hours, so you can choose the right recipe for the time you have.
The recipes in Time to Eat follow Keeping it Simple in their ease and simplicity but are all devised to suit our time-poor lifestyles. With clear instructions, easy to source ingredients and Gary's inimitable take on taste and flavours, Time to Eat will become the only cookbook to make time for.

A collection of recipes featuring traditional British food, but with a foreign flavour to show how Mediterranean, Far Eastern and Californian touches can transform basic British ingredients. The author also offers short-cut tips on many basic recipes.

The secret to stress-free entertaining is good planning. If you can do as much as possible in advance, you can spend time with your guests rather than in the kitchen. Food With Friends is packed with great menus for casual lunches, dinner parties and more formal get-togethers. From a spring Sunday lunch to a smart dinner for eight, it is full of delicious recipes, as well as lots of advice on shopping lists and details of what to prepare the week/day before and even between courses. Accessible recipes with an interesting twist are what one expects from top TV chef Gary Rhodes, and this handy book, on a winning subject, should have a place on every cook's bookshelf.

Once again Gary Rhodes delves deep into the riches of the British culinary tradition to create a collection of wonderful new recipes which combine today's flavours with the very best from the past. Tracing the history of the menu and why different courses are grouped together, Gary looks at the social influences which have formed our eating habits over the years. Gary takes the cook through the separate courses which make up a meal, from soups and appetizers to cakes and biscuits, reviving the long forgotten tradition of savouries along the way. Modern British main dishes include Trout and Almond Tart with Nut Brown Butter Dressing and Crusted Lamb with Creamy Ham and Sweet Red Pepper Potatoes. And finally Gary produces a wealth of exciting puddings, including Bitter Sweet Strawberry Tart with Mascarpone Cheesecake Cream and the wonderful British Digestive -ahome-made digestive biscuit cake with Earl Grey custard. With the emphasis on matching flavours and balancing the depth of each course, Gary shows us how to mix and match dishes to create the perfect menu, from a quick, informal meal for two to a sumptuous dinner party to impress your friends. Whether you like simple food with a twist or prefer an imaginative culinary challenge, you'll find something in GARY RHODES AT THE TABLE for every occasion.

Gary Rhodes is totally dedicated to championing the abundance of natural produce available to us in Britain. In The Complete Cookery Year he shares his knowledge and enthusiasm for seasonal ingredients to ensure we make the very most of our food.

Divided up by month, the book offers 100 exciting new dishes, as well as the recipes from his bestselling Spring into Summer and Autumn into Winter. From the fresh taste of early new potatoes to the sweetness of home-grown summer fruits, Gary takes a closer look at what's in season throughout the year and provides ideas on using these ingredients to enhance our everyday cooking. Delicious new dishes include spring-inspired Grilled lamb chops with mint-rolled Jerseys and apricot onions, a summery Broken salmon, cucumber and lettuce salad with fresh dill cream dressing, autumnal Sauteed pheasant and spinach with almond sauce and a rich winter Blood orange almond cake.

In addition to these recipes, the book contains 12 monthly features, in which Gary focuses on particular ingredients in their prime. From spring greens in March to wild mushrooms in September, Gary gives advice on which varieties to choose and celebrates the flavours and culinary delights of each season.

With over 350 recipes, there are ideas to suit every occasion. Both as a guide to the vast amount of home-grown produce available to us and as a recipe bible, The Complete Cookery Year is a book to inspire and enjoy throughout the year.

Following Rhodes Around Britain and More Rhodes Around Britain, this is the third instalment of television chef Gary Rhodes's culinary journey around Britain. The book contains 130 recipes, involving basic dishes which can be adapted to create a wide range of variations.

Based on Rhodes Around Britain and Open Rhodes Around Britain, which in turn were based on the author's television series, this is a collection of 50 recipes intended for inexperienced cooks and those with little time on their hands.

As our lives get busier and busier, but our desire for fresh, flavoursome food increases, delicious recipes that can be cooked in under 30 minutes have never been more popular. This great collection of over 200 recipes from one of the UK's most popular chefs and TV cooks will be a winner. Chapters range from Lunches and Snacks to Pasta Dishes, Main Meals and Hot and Spicy. Within each chapter there is a broad selection of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes and no recipe takes longer than 30 minutes from start to finish. Clear step-by-step instructions leave no room for time-consuming mistakes, and colour photographs illustrate the finished result. As one would expect from this innovative chef, credited with reinventing modern British food, the recipes are temptingly original and always utterly delicious.

An omnibus edition of television chef Gary Rhodes's culinary journey around Britain. It brings together over 450 classic recipes, including the famous bread-and-butter pudding and steak and kidney pie. There are tempting variations on basic dishes too, and tips on complex techniques.

The acclaimed British chef presents mouth-watering assortment of recipes that provide innovative new solutions to classic dishes, including Roast Pork with Caramelized Apples and Chestnut Brussel Sprouts, Stilton Red Onion Salad with Peppered Beef Fillet, and Cranberry and Walnut Tart.

  • Gary Rhodes 365
  • Hell's Kitchen Cookbook
  • Gary Rhodes Complete Cookery Year
  • The Cook Pack
  • Gary Rhodes' Sweet Dreams
  • Step-by-step Cooking
  • Gary Rhodes Fabulous Food
  • Gary Rhodes Cookery Year: Spring Into Summer
  • Gary Rhodes Cookery Year: Autumn Into Winter

One Year, One Book, One Simple Recipe for Every Day

Stuck for inspiration in the kitchen? Do you find yourself making the same old handful of recipes time and again? If so, Gary Rhodes can help you out by offering one recipe for every day of the year, for every different occasion.

From breakfasts to feeding the kids tea when they get in from school, from suppers for one or two to more elaborate dishes for entertaining on a Saturday night, or feeding the whole family their full-on Sunday lunch, Gary's recipes are some of the best things you will ever eat! With his unique take on flavour combinations he has drawn on his many years as one of the world's top chefs to bring you recipes that are not only a delight, but incredibly simple to make as well. And if you need ideas for a special occasion, you'll find a chapter dedicated to those too.

If you only have one book in your kitchen, make it Gary Rhodes 365 and you won't be stuck for inspiration ever again. This is one collection of recipes to treasure forever, and to use year after year.

Welcome to the Hell's Kitchen Cookbook, and to the culinary expertise of Gary Rhodes and Jean-Christophe Novelli from TV's hottest reality show. Tantalised by the delicious recipes? Fascinated by the tears, tempers and tantrums of the ktchen? Watched mouth watereing as novices were beaten, whipped and pressure cooked into cordon-bleu-standard chefs in a matter of weeks? Now the Hell's Kitchen Cookbook brings the inferno right into your own home: - A selection of stunning recipes from Gary Rhodes and Jean-Christophe Novelli adapted to use at home. - The contestants' signiture dishes so you can serve up your very own King Prawn Rockefella courtesy of Terry. - The highs and lows of the show relived. - Useful hints and tips to help you brush up your basic cookery skills. So why not stun friends and family with your own devilishly delicious combinations.

There is nothing more satisfying than using ingredients that are bursting with flavour. The author's belief is that food always tastes better when it is in season. These recipes are a celebration of the seasonal ingredients that are best at specific times of the year.

Twenty No-fail Three-course Meals for Two

The Cook Pack contains 20 no-fail three-course meals for two people guaranteed to impress with ideas from around the world. Detailed timing guides, shopping lists, and wine suggestions offer you the expertise on a plate. The versatility of this remarkable Pack lends confidence, know-how, and style to even the most reluctant of cooks.
Delicious recipes, inspiring illustrations, and a refreshing style all help The Cook Pack to guarantee you success, satisfaction, and, of course, romance!

Over 120 Delicious Desserts
A collection of recipes for over 120 British puddings, both traditional and new. Each recipe is personally introduced, fully explained and made as simple to follow as possible. With step-by-step recipes for sauces, custards and pastries too, and 75 colour photographs. Originally published in 1998.

Over 100 Easy-to-follow Recipes and Essential Techniques

Great traditional recipes with a twist are what one would expect from top TV cook Gary Rhodes. But even with the best recipes some help with the preparation is often very useful. Which is why all the recipes in this book feature full step-by-step photographs and clear instructions, hints and tips. Not only is Step-by-Step Cookery the perfect book to turn to whatever the recipe you need - whether that means a Mediterranean fish soup or the perfect apple tart - it's also a fabulous guide to cooking techniques from one of the best-known names in food today.

Learn how traditional favorites can be transformed with a hefty helping of ingenuity using the classic Gary Rhodes touch.

Gary Rhodes is one of Britains best-loved television chefs, and has written over ten best-selling books for the BBC including New British Classics and Rhodes Around Britain.

Divided into 2 books Spring into Summer and Autumn into Winter The Cookery Year shows us how to make the most of seasonal ingredients to produce delicious recipes bursting with flavour all year round.

In Spring into Summer, now available in paperback, Gary guides us through the range of vegetables, salads, meat, fish and dairy products that are coming into season, and uses the very best of these in over 120 original recipes.

Both a reference book and a source of inspiration, Spring into Summer is essential reading for experienced and novice cooks alike, and will help you rediscover the joy of cooking and eating the very best food.

Gary Rhodes is one of Britains best-loved television chefs, and has written over ten best-selling books for the BBC including New British Classics, Rhodes Around Britain, and the first book in the Cookery Year series: Spring Into Summer.

Following the success of the hardback, which sold over 90,000 copies, this new paperback edition of Autumn into Winter is a celebration of the fact that food always tastes better when its in season.

Both a reference book and a source of inspiration, Autumn into Winter is essential reading for experienced and novice cooks alike, and features recipes that are simple to prepare, relying on flavour rather than complicated sauces or techniques.

By making the most of what is in season, Gary shows us how to choose and use the very best home-grown produce to bring these two wonderful seasons to life.

In Autumn into Winter Gary guides us through the range of vegetables, salads, meat, fish and dairy products that are coming into season, and uses the very best of these in over 100 warm and hearty recipes.